At first you may find our business method completely mind boggling, but as we delve deeper into the details of how we work, you will realise we are about to become your new best friend and your banks worst enemy.

So with that being said, designer clothing can be pretty expensive the majority of the time right? But What if i told you that you can be copping in season and old season designer bits for at least 50% off retail, completely Authentic and Brand New every month? Bullsh*t right? Well you're wrong. Here at AZ, we operate our business based on 5 intense days of the month. We call this 'Drop week'.

Every month, our website will be open for around 5 days. In these 5 days you will have the chance to cop Authentic designer pieces for at least 50% off retail. Once the 5 days are up, the website closes until next month and we go again and again and again. 

We get asked ' How can we sell designer for 50% off retail?' Simple really, BUY A SHIT TONNE! All our stock is sourced from vetted suppliers across Europe ensuring all products are 100% Authentic. At the end of the day, we wouldnt have 400+ 5 star Trust pilot reviews if we were scammers. All stock advertised is either desdstock, discontinued stock, old season stock or stock that hasnt been Quality control checked by the retailer. We call this the hand-me-down stock from retail lol!

The main thing is, you will be saving a silly amount of money every month. I mean think about, you can have your Christmas presents sorted for this year and next year lol!

But it gets even better than that. Our VIP members have upgraded perks for drop days. Meaning they get, early access on drops, exclusive invites on pre order stock lists, extra discounts on drop days and many more benefits. In all fairness, if you dont sign up to the VIP list, you will struggle to cop something on Drop day, as you can imagine stuff sells stupidly quick. You can sign up here

This is by far the best thing you will ever stumble across. I can assure you on that. Our next drop is the big March Drop. 13/03/22 at 12pm BST. Dont miss it.